Phnom Penh - National Pediatric Hospital

A visa is needed.  Contact Travisa at:
            The visa service fee is $70 for regular processing; $160 for emergency/rush.

            Prof. MAM Vithyarith -
             Vice Director
             Pediatric Surgeon
             National Pediatric Hospital
             Phnom Penh Cambodia

Application Process:
a)      Application Information
             b)      They can take two students.
             c)      CV and a supporting letter from KUMC need to accompany the application.

Application Fees:
a)      The cost is $200 USD for registration/tuition.  This is to be paid in cash upon arrival at the hospital.

Rotation Information:
             Available to: SOM
a)      Students can study in the following departments:
                       I.      Infectious disease (Prof. UNG Sophal)
                       II.     Neonatology, Hematology (Prof. KIM Ang)
                       III.    Respiratory Medicine (Prof. EAP Tek Chheng)
                       IV.    Surgery (Prof. CHHOEURN Vuhty)

a)      Students make their own arrangements.  It is better to stay near the hospital and there are some hotels and guest
                        houses nearby.  The cost is $15 - $20 USD per day.

Last modified: Apr 17, 2014