Zimba - Zimba Mission Hospital


  • A passport and tourist visa are required to enter Zambia. The passport must be valid for at
    least six months after the intended date of departure from Zambia and have at least two blank pages.
  • A single-entry visa may be obtained at the port of entry for $50, but travelers must apply in
    advance at a Zambian Embassy or Consulate for a multiple-entry visa.
  • Please note: If you plan to fly in/out of Zambia, but travel to other countries before returning to the US, you
    will need to apply in advance for a multi-entry visa. For example, if a safari trip is planned for Chobe National
    Park in Botswana, then a double entry visa would be better than a single entry.


Drs. Dan and Joan Jones:

Application Process:

  • Office of International Programs will email this out.
  • They can take a maximum of two (2) students.

Application Fees:

Rotation Information:

Available to: SOM

  • Dan Jones is in family practice. He works a lot in the maternity ward, so students get plenty of OB experience.
    Dr. Joan Jones is internal medicine. She works mainly in the male ward. Students can get plenty of inpatient
    medicine experience. They also have a busy outpatient clinic as well.
  • Re: 2015: They will be in Zambia from February 1 to 23, 2015. On February 23, they will depart for a continuing
    medical education conference in Thailand. So, the students need to rotate from February 1 to 23. Maybe starting on
    February 23 to 28, they could finish up with sightseeing activities in Livingstone/Victoria Falls.


  • The students must sign a visitor agreement form to stay at the Zimba Mission guest house.
  • They have a guest house for volunteers. The charge is $28 per day. It includes lunch and dinner. Breakfast is on your own.

Overnight lodging is including in that per day charge. Also, included in the charge is laundry 2 times per week.

Last modified: Feb 18, 2014