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      a)   A passport and visa are required to enter Paraguay
      b)   U.S. citizens arriving by air may obtain a "Visa en Arribo" (visa upon arrival) at Silvio Pettirossi International 
Airport in Asuncion. The current fee for the Visa en Arribo is $160, payable in U.S. currency (credit cards not accepted)
      c)   If not arriving at Silvio Pettirossi International Airport, prior to traveling to Paraguay, you must apply for a visa in person or by
            secure messenger at the Paraguayan Embassy in Washington, DC, or the nearest Paraguayan Consulate, and you must pay a fee.

      d)   For more information:


Econ. Mirian Mongelos: <>
Gerente de Proyectos
Ruy Diaz de Melgarejo 825 casi Hernando de la Rivera
Barrio Los Laureles
Tel. (595 21) 662063 Int. 102
Asunción - Paraguay

Application Process:

Application Fees: 
Application form + $ 100 application fee (nonrefundable)

Rotation Information:
Available to: SOM

           a)   Universidad Nacional de Asunción - Facultad de Medicina, Hospital de Clinicas -
           b)   Universidad Nacional del Este - Facultad de Medicina de Ciudad del Este -
           c)   Centro Regional de Salud en Fram, Itapua
                 Centro de Salud de Santani
                 Universidad Nacional de Caaguazú -

Depending on the place the student chooses for the medical elective, the coordinator can find a host family or an apartment for the student. 
            The cost is about $250 per month.

Last modified: Jan 07, 2015