Suggested Links

First Year
Digital Anatomist 2-D & 3-D images (computer-generated and photographs) of neuroanatomy and some gross anatomy. This is an excellent site from the University of Washington.
Embryology University of Cincinnati Medical Software Site. This site has a ton of info including "Larsen's Embryology On-Line". Also check out the tutorials of Cardiac, Renal, Respiratory, Anatomy..... We give the site two dissected thumbs up.
Medical Biochemistry Diagrams of all biochemical pathways. From the University of Kansas School of Medicine.

Second Year
Pathology KUMC School of Medicine pathology site. These are the links found in each of the HistoWeb sections.
Microbial Underground Even non-microbiologists will like this site. So what if their animated conjugation is a little inaccurate; it's still cool. This site is worth a look.
Virus Ultra Structure Great EM's of the major viruses.
Pharmacology ISAP (Internet Self Assessment in Pharmacology) is an online "flashcard" database. You'll like this.

More Good Links
USMLE Step 1 Boards already? This is an outline of what is expected of you on step 1 of the boards, which you take after your second year. It does a good job of "pulling everything together." You'll probably want to print your own copy (about 25 pages).
The Interactive Medical Student Lounge Surely you've heard of this. Med students from across the country use the Interactive Medical Student Lounge, but did you know that it was created by KU's own Nancy Sween?
With a button this cool, you know this site must be good. It's got it all: movies, animations, great images. Don't miss this one.
Medscape A great resource for med students and physicians. Free medline plus their original full-text & graphics articles. Everything from review articles to CME.
Doctor's Guide to
the Internet
You may not be a doctor yet, but it's never too early to start browsing the web like one.
The Heart Preview Gallery. "Do, see, learn, go, hear." If you like hearts, you'll like this one.
Frog Dissection Kit Relive your high school glory days. No this doesn't have anything to do with medicine, but it's darn cool.