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"Great images, and a great web site!"
James Williams
Indiana University School of Medicine

"...it is a treasure house of anatomical information."
The Scout Report
University of Wisconsin

"As a first-time histology student it is very helpful to me."
Katherine Potter
University of Louisville, KY

"...even old doctors appreciate young talent and medical school humor... Great job!"
Donald Hagen, M.D.
Executive Vice Chancellor
University of Kansas

"It is an outstanding web page, one of the best I've seen. Thanks Milton and Marc!"
A Grateful Teacher
Eldora-New Providence High School

"GREAT site guys! … [I] am excited to use your site for our students' benefit. Thanks for your work on it!!"
Cathy Moewe
OSF Saint Francis Med Ctr, Peoria

"…this histology page is the coolest! [These images] are some of the best I've seen on the Web or elsewhere."
Jay Moore
University of Missouri

"Just visited your page and just loved it.. really awesome job!!!"
Dee Dee Sein
University of Windsor

"Great pages!"
Dr. Ronald D. Fell
University of Louisville

Joe Wlostowski
Broome Community College, Binghamton, NY

"Sensacional !!! Wonderful !!!"
Professor Gilberto Santa Rosa
University Federal Fluminense -
Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

Fernando Chuecas, MD
Universidad Catolica de la Santisima Concepcion

"Beautiful images!"
James Ezell
J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College, Richmond, VA

"Could you please send me a picture of a hamster's brain?"
Yasin Davila
Manhattan Center for Science and Math
(Uh, no.)

"We love your pages here in the South as well!"
Jenny Chapman
University of Alabama School of Medicine

"A great help"
Catherine Halcrow
Science Museum - London, UK

"Your pictures are absolutely beautiful and your comments very appropriate. I love your smiley-face poly [neutrophil]!"
James Ezell
J. Sargeant Reynolds CC - Richmond, VA

"one of the best"
Dr Caroline Wigley, Senior Lecturer
UMDS (Guy's Hospital Campus, London)

"nice to look at..."
Kevin Sayler
Walla Walla College, College Place, WA
(OK, not the most flattering quote, but I just love to say "Walla Walla College.")

"Your web-site is awesome. It really is a life-saver! I am not sure about your school or hospital, but if your web-site is a reflection, you must be doing a great job."
Frank William Bolger
Duke University Medical School

"I'm very impressed."
Hayuta Pessah
Zineman College of Physical Education - Wingate, Israel

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated the availability and quality of this web site."
Eric M. Simkin

"Love the question mark neutrophil nucleus page."
Vasthi Christensen
Wellesley College

"Thanks for access to a GREAT resource!"
Keley John Booth
University of Oklahoma College of Medicine

"I wish there were a page like this for every course I have taken."
Alex Eshaghian

"This is a great website. Thank you for sharing it!"
Nicole Simpson

Alexey V. Pavlov
Medical Academy - Yaroslavl, Russia
(OK, so he only left a period, but this was our first comment from Russia.)

Peter Oehler
Cibola High School

"Me alegra mucho poderme comunicar con ustedes; y me gustaria saber donde puedo encontrar informaci n hacerca de "CITOLOGIA EXFOLIATIVA" Agrdesco su atenci n prestada."
Diana Marin
Universidad de la Salle
(I'm not sure what this means, but I'll take it as a compliment.)

"Thanks for a great web site. You helped an anatomy teacher!!"
Dave Fenderson
Le Mars Comunity High School, Le Mars, Iowa

"Very Impressed"
Kathy Linehan
Hull University, England

"Dear Drs. Wolf & Scarbrough:
You have built an excellent teaching tool."
Douglas Cooper
Institution: Univ. Calif., San Francisco
(I just like that he called us doctors.)

"Understandable and fun!"
Andrea Flack
Grand View College, Des Moines, IA

"I can study on the library computers when the teacher isn't there to supervise."
William Do
Irvine High School, Irvine, CA
(Keep up the good work, William, but are you sure you're in high school? When I was that age, studying was the last thing I would do when the teacher wasn't there to supervise.)

"Greetings from Santiago, Chile! Your page is the BEST!"
Claudio Menis Cohen
Universidad Mayor - Santiago, Chile

Julio Chaves
KF Universit t Graz - Austria

"Thanks for this page!"
Carolina Mourelle
Facultad de Veterinaria - Argentina

"I really liked your HISTO WEB, it is great! Bye from Costa Rica (if you don't know, it's at Central America) ."
Viviana Arag n G.
U.I.A. - Costa Rica

"Imagenes excelentes, las he utilizado para mis charlas. Soy medico residente del servicio de Ortopedia y traumatolog a del Hospital Militar de Bogotß. Muchas gracias."
fernando Torres romero
Hospital Militar Central de Santa f de Bogotß - Colombia

"Wow - this is great."
Dr. Murray Jensen
General College - U. of Minnesota

"Thanks for all your work!"
Luis Alexandre Martins da Silva
Universidade de Aveiro, Portugal

"Thank you for making the HistoWeb so easy to access."
Simon Serbian
Univercity of Copenhagen, Denmark

"Thank you for providing such an excellent service. "
Glenda Summersides
Institute of Medical and Veterinary Science Adelaide - South Australia

"Congratulations on a job well done!"
Benjamin Lam Sing
University Of Queensland, Australia

"I am a wet student. I like it!"
Martin F. Debski
SGGW - Warsaw, Poland
(Look, I don't make up these quotes.)

"...best educational site on the web I have seen so far."
Alexander Lumban Tobing
Free University Berlin, Germany

"Excellent web page!"
Antonino Curatola
Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia

"Great site!"
John Morrill
Kansas State University

"Merci beaucoup pour moi-m me et mes tudiants et tudiantes. Vos images sont excellentes!"
Andr Boivin
College douard-Montpetit - Quebec

"Thank you very much from your friends up north in Montreal, Canada."
Richard Payne
McGill University Medical School - Montreal, Canada

"íí Simply Wonderful !!"
Fraancisco Valladares-Parrilla
University of La Laguna, School of Medicine - Canary Islands, Spain

"Congratulations on a fantastic web site"
Stanley White, Ph.D.
University of Sheffield, UK

"Thanks so much for your incredible website ... Your website is so much better than what our college offers."
Myron Stokes
University of Iowa