Connective Tissue

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Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology

Cells of Connective Tissue

1. Fibroblasts These are the stars of the connective tissue show. They manufacture and maintain the extracellular material. Fibroblasts migrate throughout the ECM wherever they are needed, such as scar formation. By the way, the fibroblast is actually a misnomer since it is a mature cell (not a precursor).

2. Adipocytes These cells are (unfortunately at times) extremely effecient at storing energy in the form of triglycerides. Exercise all you want, but you'll still have the same number of adipocytes. But don't cancel you membership to the gym just yet because each cell will, of course, decrease in size.

3. Blood Blood is actually a connective tissue which is covered quite extensively in the Blood and Lymphoid sections. Remember that the immune cells extravasate into the ECM when responding to foreign invasion.