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Test Scoring

Test Scoring

The Test Scoring department, now located in Dykes Library, grades exams and the frequency tabulation of evaluations given on supported bubble-sheet forms. Forms for academic uses may be picked up from the Test Scoring department.

Instructors please note that a completed information sheet must accompany each grading. These sheets may be obtained from the Test Scoring department (G004B-located behind the Circulation Desk).

Additionally, before the first grading of the semester for a course, instructors need to supply the Test Scoring department with:

  1. A class roster (alphabetical list of students with their names and 7-digit grading ID) preferably in electronic format.
  2. The grading scale for the course (from what percent to what percent is an A, a B, etc.). The grading scale can utilize the formats of A, B, C, D, F..SU, HS, SA, LS, U...or Pass/Fail.
  3. Dates that exams, quizzes, etc. will be brought in to be scored.
  4. Percentages exams, quizzes, etc. will be weighted if a weighted grade book is desired.

Last modified: Aug 19, 2020