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Computer Testing Center

The Computer Testing Center (CTC) can accommodate secure testing events using ExamSoft or Blackboard and the Respondus LockDown Browser.

The rooms available are:

  • Dykes G024 - 9 seats
  • Dykes G025 - 16 seats
  • Dykes G026 - 30 seats (West half of CTC)
  • Dykes G027 - 30 seats (East half of CTC)
  • Dykes 1028 - 12 seats

There is a minimum of 30 minutes preparation time between scheduled testing sessions.

Procedure for requesting testing dates

Please contact your respective school designee when submitting a testing date request. For available dates, please review the calendar.

Your request should be submitted prior to the established dates listed below. These dates are deadlines that the designee uses to request rooms for testing. Any date requests are not considered final until the CTC Coordinator has received all dates and any conflicts have been resolved.

1. Submit request for a testing date to CTC coordinator by school designee
  • Summer - March 1
  • Fall - April 15
  • Spring - September 30
2. CTC Coordinator will post a DRAFT of the schedule.
  • Summer - March 7
  • Fall - April 22
  • Spring - October 1
3. A conflict resolution meeting (if needed) will be conducted by the CTC Coordinator and school designees no later than the following dates to resolve scheduling conflicts.
  • Summer - March 15
  • Fall - April 30
  • Spring - October 15
4. Final schedule posted by CTC Coordinator following the conflict resolution meeting
5. Criteria considered for conflict resolution meeting:
  • Request submitted by deadline has priority scheduling
  • Request submitted by a school or program designee rather than individual faculty
  • Willingness to have multiple testing events at a time
  • Negotiation will be key

Sample reports

There are several reports in ExamSoft which can be made available by Testing Services following an examination. There are standard and custom reports and a full explanation can be provided as to which report(s) would be best for you. If you would like more information or see sample reports, please contact the CTC Coordinator.

Testing Center Policies and Procedures

Information for Students

See the Guidelines for Students (PDF) document is intended to be a guideline for students who are going to be tested in the CTC. Changes to this information may occur based upon requests or circumstances from a faculty member or a School and should not be considered all-inclusive.

Last modified: Aug 19, 2020