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Poll Everywhere

Poll Everywhere is a web-based response system that allows you to assess, survey, and obtain feedback from your audience. With Poll Everywhere, you can embed multiple choice questions, word clouds, and clickable images directly into your presentation for an interactive experience.

  • Gather background knowledge of your audience before your presentation using polls that capture a snapshot of participants in your class, meeting, or event.
  • Set up quick, formative quizzes that give immediate results.
  • Receive feedback and questions from your audience without interrupting the flow of your presentation by collecting questions for a Q & A session during your lecture.

What are some exciting and useful capabilities of Poll Everywhere?

  • Connection for a range of devices through texting, the Poll Everywhere app, and the Poll Everywhere website.
  • Poll Everywhere works concurrently with PowerPoint or as its own separate web-based presentation.
  • Control what appears on screen: incoming responses, participant names, and correct answers.
  • Analyze student learning with the reports function.
  • Group participants and compare feedback.
  • Give credit for responses and attendance.

How do I begin using Poll Everywhere?

KUMC has a premium account in which faculty can create their own personal accounts. Simply go to and sign in with the Central Authentication System to activate your account (do not create an account without using CAS as you will be outside the KUMC system and premium features).

If you require assistance or a more in-depth look at what can be done with Poll Everywhere, contact the TLT at or Doug Adams through email or by phone at (913) 588-6062.

Additional online resources for Poll Everywhere:

Last modified: Aug 19, 2020