Computer Testing Policy and Procedures

The Computer Testing Center (CTC) is located in the Dykes Library. With seating for up to 190 students, group testing in a secure environment is a high priority.  The main rooms (G026 and G027) allow seating for 60 students per room, for a total of 120.  Three additional classrooms are also available that can seat 18, 24, or 31 students. For students who meet ADA requirement, single-station rooms are available that can be used for extended testing.

While largely used for testing purposes, the CTC is available for other events. The largeness of the CTC allows the room to be divided into 2 rooms.  The smaller classrooms are frequently used for regularly scheduled classes throughout the semester. Whiteboards and overhead projectors are in place in the classrooms, and the CTC has large projector screens.

All rooms are equipped with a computer system that has the monitor placement below the desktop, creating a flush, smooth style that eliminates the need for students having to peer around a bulky monitor screen.

Test Materials
Contact Tim Doughty ( for instructions on how to submit your test materials. To ensure adequate time to preview your test form(s), you must submit your materials no later than one week prior to the scheduled test date.  

Video Taping
All rooms are monitored via a secure video camera.

Course directors must provide their own proctors for all tests and test reviews.
CTC staff is responsible for opening the room and preparing the computers, but they do not proctor tests. Students will not be admitted to the CTC unless a proctor is present. Recommendation is one proctor per room.

Seating Chart
Students are randomly assigned to specific numbered stations.

Admission Tickets
Admission tickets will be used that will provide for the students the appropriate logins and passwords for the systems.  These are to be handed to the students upon entry into the CTC.  These will require a signature and must be returned to the proctors.  A roster of students testing for that exam will also be made available for entry purposes.  The students must provide a valid photo ID for admittance to the CTC.  This includes for example student ID's and drivers' license.

Session Duration
Each exam session has a prearranged start time and duration. For example, an exam might be scheduled to start at 8am and last for 60 minutes. The stop time is adjusted dynamically based on the actual start time once general instructions are given. In the example above, if the students begin at 8:05, the stop time is 9:05.

Grace Period
If there is a system malfunction, a student will be granted the amount of time lost to finish the examination.

From time to time a testing session is disrupted by unforeseen events (power failure, fire drill). If this occurs, the system will save their work up to that point and once the situation is corrected, they will resume where the interruption occurred.

No Reentry
Students should NOT be allowed to reenter the CTC once they have completed a test session and left the room. The students will be allowed to use the restroom facilities, however, only one gender will be allowed out of the room at a time.

Late Arrivals
Under normal circumstances, there is no provision to give extra time to students who arrive late to a testing session. Extensions or alternate testing times are possible for special situations such as ADA requests. Contact the CTC staff for more information.

Special Needs
Please notify Cyn Ukoko in the Office of Academic Accommodations for Students ( or (913) 945-7035) if a student requires special accommodations such as extra time to take the exam. These students may take their tests in an alternate location.

Students are routinely allowed to have one piece of blank scratch paper and a pencil during a testing session. It is the proctor's responsibility to bring and distribute any additional handout materials. All materials and scratch paper must be turned in to the proctor at the end of the test. Students are not allowed to retain written notes or remove test materials.

Food and Drink
Food is NOT allowed in the CTC at any time!
Only liquids in a closed-lid container may be brought in.

Personal Electronics
We strongly discourage bringing electronic devices into the CTC. Mobile phones, PDAs, and similar devices must be turned OFF for the duration of each test session and left in lockers. Calculators are not allowed as an on-screen, software calculator is available at every station.

Book Bags and Purses
Students are not allowed to have bags or other materials at their stations.
Students should NOT bring Book Bags, backpacks, or purses into the center. Students who do not have access to lockers must leave their bags on the floor near the front of the testing rooms.  The CTC does not take responsibility for lost or personal items left behind.

No talking
is allowed once a testing session begins. Devices that make noise, such as watches or pagers, must be silenced or left outside the room.

Review of Results
Students can review results upon completion of the exam if the faculty member agrees to this. 

Contact Tim Doughty ( to schedule the room(s). In general, the CTC is scheduled with a 30-minute break before the next session begins.

Last modified: Nov 10, 2016