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Teaching and Learning Technologies Scheduling
2015 Orr Major
Phone: (913) 588-7326
Scheduling Office Hours: 7:30am - 4:30pm 
Monday - Friday (Closed all official Kansas state holidays)   

NOTE: Please make all scheduling requests through email or using our online room request form

The TLT-Media Scheduling Department is your first point of contact for any room service or reservation request you may need. Our schedulers are dedicated to finding the solution that will fit your event needs, and handle over 40,000 reservations per year. Many of our requests consist of help calls, room reservations, equipment rental, and department information.  Our scheduling department also provides room keys for after hour access, wireless microphones, wireless slide advancers, and adapters for various Apple computers and mobile devices. Scheduling inquiries and requests may be submitted by phone or email. For purposes of efficiency, it is recommended that requests be sent by email or through our online room request form.

KUMC Core Area Map 2016

The KUMC Core Area Map for 2016 provides information about learning and presentation spaces on the KUMC campus.

Fall 2017 Room List

The Scheduling Process

Here are the steps you will need to take to schedule a room or an event:

  • First, you will want to check our room list to see all the areas that TLT Media provides.
  • Next, please check for room availability. We have migrated from ScheduAll/WebReports to a new scheduling system, 25Live, for 2016.
    • Use 25Live Free/Busy Search to check room availability. If you are new to 25Live Free/Busy Search, click here to watch a short video tutorial or click here for a written tutorial. (25Live Free/Busy Search works best with the Chrome or Firefox browsers.)
    • Confused? You can always contact the TLT-Media scheduling office (913-588-7326 or for room availability for your 2016 events. We appreciate your patience during this transition.) 
  • Next step: Fill out the online room request form or email us at
  • For those without internet/computer access please call Ext. 8-7326 to schedule the room and/or service.
  • The University Housekeeping contract does not cover event cleanup (i.e., trash removal and additional cleaning when food and beverage is served). As a result, cleaning services are billable for all event cleanup. To request Housekeeping services, start with their online event services request form.

You will also want to gather the following information as it will be required by our Scheduling Agents to fulfill your request:

  • Your name, department, and extension
  • Date and start/end times of event or services required.
  • Whether ANY fees are being charged to any people attending or involved with your event.
  • Account number for billing (if necessary)
  • Room preferences (It is a good idea to have more than one room choice) and expected attendance. See Room List
  • List any presentation support required (e.g. Computer, LCD projector, etc.).

    NOTE: There is a 24-hour notice required to guarantee equipment delivery. All rooms, equipment, and technician services are scheduled on a first come, first serve basis.
    NOTE: Speakers are advised to bring presentation material on a USB storage device (flash drive), or CD/DVD. Some CD-RW's will not work in other PC's other than the ones they are created on.)
    NOTE:  If 24-hours notice of cancellation is not provided for ITV, video record, and technical assistance requests, charges will be assessed for the technicians' time.

Click here for a list of our Current Rates

Provided Services:

Key Checkout: Rooms scheduled before 6am, after 7:30pm, after 5pm on Fridays, or on weekends will require a key checkout.  Keys should be retrieved from 2015 Orr-Major.  See Scheduling Agent for details.

Meet and Greet: A meet-and-greet is a once-per-event service before a scheduled class or event for the presenter or their representative to review the functionality of the AV equipment they will be using.  A meet and greet is not a substitute for classroom av training. Most rooms are self-service. The tech will only stay 15 minutes from the scheduled time.  If the client is unable to meet with the tech during those 15 minutes, the tech must continue on to other deliveries and responsibilities.  The client will need to call scheduling to have the tech return.  The tech will return as responsibilities permit.

Equipment reservation requests should be made at least 24-hours in advance to improve chances of availability. Events such as ITV's, video records, technical assistance, or any event involving a technician requires one weeks notice to help improve chances of availability. Room requests should be made at least 24-hours in advance to improve chances of availability.

Please Keep in Mind:

If 24-hours notice of cancellation is not provided for ITV, video record, and technical assistance requests, charges will be assessed for the technicians time.

Cell Phone Advisory for Digital Auditoriums and Classrooms:

As we move forward with digital technology in our classrooms and auditoriums, interference generated by cell phone usage is becoming a greater concern. Cell Phone usage will cause interference to the digital audio systems. If it is a recording there will a loss of audio on the recording and a loud noise over the presenter. If it is an ITV event, several things can occur. There may be the same very loud noise on the recording, or the entire ITV connection can be lost. So with this in mind, when you are booking or having an event in rooms with digital equipment, we request that you inform folks of the following advisory:

All cell phones, iPhones, and Blackberry devices must be turned off, not to vibrate, to aviod interference with digital audio equipment and/or recordings. Text messaging is not permitted at any time.

Note: There is no food or drink allowed in the following rooms:

  • 2004, 2005C, 2008 Orr Major
  • Battenfield Auditorium

Last modified: Apr 08, 2019