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Panopto: Screen Recording, Lecture Capture, and Webcasting Software

With the introduction of Panopto, university students, teachers, and staff are now able to create recordings with multiple streams of HD video while also being able to manage and edit those recordings within a YouTube style landing page.  Users can easily share videos either by generating public/private links, embedding videos in websites, or giving fellow users permission to view recorded sessions.  Panopto's content management system even provides the ability to see detailed statistics like the number of times a video was viewed, the amount of minutes watched by specific users, and the number of viewers per recording.  Finally, Panopto offers the ability to livestream events, enabling participants that can't physically be there to still get the information they require.

Panopto Request Form for KUMC

KUMC Panopto Quickstart Guide

Panopto Help Guide for KUMC Users

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Last modified: Nov 06, 2018