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Media Production

TLT-Media offers a full, in-house professional video production unit. With more than 50 years of combined experience, our production professionals work with you to create and craft a media project that fits all your needs. We are dedicated to providing you quality productions and superb customer service, all at an affordable price.

  • Record interviews of experts or testimonals.
  • Create promotional videos of your grant, project, or program.
  • Develop instructional videos, such as equipment operation or medical procedures.

What are some exciting and useful capabilities of this service?

  • We produce projects using high-definition video and non-linear editing which allows for projects to be completed entirely on-campus and in-house.
  • Our professionals work with you from planning to completion to ensure your project meets all your educational needs and budgetary requirements.
  • The production technicians have a wide range of production experience that can be applied to your project and its intended audience.
  • The scope of your project can be tailored depending on the end product, from single camera setups for interviews and educational videos to multi-camera setups for your ceremonies and larger events.

How do I begin using this service?

If you are interested in TLT-Media video production services, please contact TLT-Media at (913) 588-7326 or One of our knowledgeable video professionals will contact you and start the process of creating a unique and focused video project to suit all your needs.

Current TLT-Media Rates

Additional online resources for this service:

For more information about this service, contact Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT-Media) at (913) 588-7326 or


Last modified: Apr 08, 2019