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i>clicker Student Response System

Clickers, also known as student response systems and classroom voting systems, allow students to answer teacher-posed questions using an electronic polling unit. To simplify integrating clickers into your classes, KUMC has adopted the i>clicker system as our preferred clickers system.

  • Clickers enable you to quickly conduct formative assessments during class, getting important feedback about student understanding and adjust instruction based on this feedback.
  • With clickers, you can poll audience opinions, interests, and preferences and adapt your presentation using this information.
  • Using a peer instruction strategy, you can increase student interaction, especially in large lecture courses.

What are some exciting and useful capabilities of clickers?

  • Automatically track individual student attendance and performance.
  • Import student scores into your Blackboard grade book.
  • Conduct anonymous opinion polls on controversial topics.
  • Work with any computer program, not just PowerPoint.
  • Include web-based clickers, in addition to or instead of hand-held clicker units, for students who already bring laptops or smartphones to class.

How do I begin using clickers?

Schedule a consultation with your TLT Liaison to explore how clickers might be integrated into your courses:

School of Health Professions - Sonny Painter (913) 588-5532
School of Medicine - Douglas Adams (913) 588-6062
School of Nursing - Nellie Modares (913) 588-7341

Additional online resources for clickers:

For more information about this service, contact Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) at (913) 588-7107 or

Last modified: Mar 10, 2020