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EvaluationKIT is a robust, easy-to-use application designed specifically for administering course, instructor, and program evaluations in a higher education setting.
Some of the purposes for which programs at KUMC currently use EvaluationKIT:

  • End-of-semester course, instructor, and GTA evaluations
  • Midterm student surveys
  • Graduating student surveys
  • Program evaluations
  • Student evaluation of hospitals and clinical sites
  • Evaluations of specific program features (simulation training, etc.)

EvaluationKIT has several advantages over pencil-and-paper surveys. There's no cost to departments for bubble sheet forms or scanning services and no delay before results are available. Immediately after an evaluation period ends, results and analyses can be accessed by course faculty, program administrators, or other designated parties. Raw survey data is also immediately available. Branching questions are fully supported, as well as custom question sets for courses that meet specific conditions, like online delivery or GTA instruction. Automated reminder emails encourage student participation and increase response rates, which can be monitored in real time.

EvaluationKIT features:

  • Deploy surveys through the web or send out email invitations.
  • Send reminder email invitations to only the participants who have not responded.
  • Monitor responses and report data in real time.
  • Immediately share professionally-styled results in PDF, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, or Excel formats.
  • Include branching and conditional questions.

How do I begin using this service?

To get started, please contact your department's EvaluationKIT specialist. Each school has a survey designer capable of creating, administering, and reporting your survey results:

  • School of Health Professions - Mary Crosson (913) 588-7361
  • School of Medicine - Tony Paolo (913) 588-7224
  • School of Nursing (Academic/Course Surveys) - Katharine Garrity (913) 588-6318
  • School of Nursing (Grants/Research Surveys) - Rita Suarez (913) 588-1632
  • TLT staff can aid in questionnaire design, deployment, data management, and reporting.

For more information about this service, contact Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) at (913) 588-7107 or

Last modified: Aug 19, 2020