Student MS Campus Agreement

What is the Microsoft Student Select Agreement and Campus Agreement?

The Student Select/Campus Agreement is an agreement between KU Medical Center and Microsoft which makes selected Microsoft software available to KUMC students at greatly reduced prices. 

What software can I buy via the Student Select/Campus Agreement?

Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac
Microsoft Office 2010 & 2013
Microsoft Windows 7 & 8.1
Microsoft Visio 2010 & 2013
Microsoft Project 2010 & 2013

How much does it cost?

Downloads are free of charge, shipping DVDs have a shipping charge.

Who can buy software under the Student Select/Campus Agreement?

Students (full- and part-time) registered at KU Medical Center.

Where do I buy it?

Log onto myKUMC; select the Computing Tab, Resources and Services; select the "Purchase Other Dicounted Software

Is there anything "special" about this software? Is the license in any way limited or different from a license bought at a computer software store?

No. Student Select licenses are full licenses that stay in effect as long as you choose to use the software. They do not expire when you graduate or otherwise leave KUMC.

I'm a member of the KUMC staff or faculty. Can I buy under this agreement?

Yes.  Faculty and Staff should also log into MyKUMC and select the "Purchase Other Discounted Software" from the Computing tab.

I'm both a KUMC employee and a KUMC student. Can I buy under this agreement?


KUMC Software License Policy
MS Campus Agreement

Last modified: Jan 07, 2016