Purchasing Desktop Software

Principle: Select Microsoft products may be used by KUMC faculty and staff with no investment of individual or department funds. Most other PC software must be purchased from Software House International.


KU Medical Center has a "Campus Agreement" with Microsoft which constitutes a site license for a number of (but not all!) Microsoft products. See below.
Otherwise, generally, PC productivity software must be purchased (per State Contract) with the State Large Account Reseller ("LAR") Software House International.


Anyone can load the following under our Microsoft Campus Agreement:

  • Office Professional Enterprise Edition (including Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Access, Publisher, and InfoPath)
  • FrontPage
  • Visual Studio .net Professional
  • Windows upgrades

Faculty and staff may acquire other Microsoft products (for example, Project or Visio) from either Software House International (SHI) OR Software Plus (Software Plus per the Microsoft "Select" agreement) unless another vendor can provide them for more than 10% less.

All other software purchases must be sent first to SHI to establish their availability and pricing and can only be purchased elsewhere if either SHI cannot provide or if another vendor can provide for more than 10% less. Thus, for example, the ordinary source for Adobe, Macromedia, and Corel Products is SHI. For more information, contact the Purchasing Department.

GroupWise and the McAfee anti-virus program are installed on all University computers and are provided at no charge.

Contact Information

For information and clarification regarding this policy, please contact:

Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Resources
Chief Information Officer

Director of Purchasing

Revised September 21, 2005

Last modified: Nov 10, 2011