Purchasing a PC for Work Use

Where Do I Buy a PC?
All PC's should be purchased in the Market Center.  Select the Insight tile. Once at this page, then you can click on the "Click Here to Order Now" button to view the Company Standards. Anyone can be a "shopper" by taking the Market Center on-line training.  For more information on purchasing in the Market Center read the Shopping and Requisitioning manuals. 

What are the PC Hardware Standards for a work PC?
All PC's are purchased from Insight under state contract.  All computers have been pre-configured to meet all recommended requirements.  Most systems have options to increase the capabilities like more memory (recommended), bigger screen, or a solid state drive (SSD) to make them even better.  All systems ship with the same KUMC image.  Due to state requirements, all computers automatically come with a four year extended warranty.  More information on the extended warranty (HP CarePack) can be found on the Insight tile.

What PC's are Available?
The link below allows anyone to view the computers for purchase at the Insight store.
     Insight Web Link
Once the page opens select the "Click Here to Order Now" button or the "Company Standards" in the gray box in the top right corner of the window.

What if the Models Listed Don't Solve My Special or Unusual Needs?

If you would like to purchase a HP desktop, laptop, or a tablet that does not exist on this list, please contact the Information Resources Customer Support desk at 913-588-7995 (ext. 87995) or via e-mail at itpurchases@kumc.edu to coordinate the custom order. Custom orders have a longer lead-time to process and arrive to campus.

So Many Choices, Where Do I Start?
There are three classes of machines available.  A tablet is a lot like a laptop but will have a touch sensitive screen and can go into a mode where there is no keyboard.  Like a laptop they are very portable but cost more than a similar laptop.  Laptops are nice if the device needs to be portable for going to meetings or to be taken home for use.  Models vary from year-to-year so contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic about the exact differences.  The main difference between desktops is the size of the computer case.  Bigger cases allow for a bigger power supply, bigger fans, and bigger processors which generally are faster and have fewer problems but take up more space.

In general, a SSD (solid state drive) is faster and less likely to fail than a standard HDD (hard disk drive).  A SSD costs more.  Tablets and laptops should be moved between locations with computer specific carry cases or backpacks to protect them.  They are fragile.  A docking station allows a monitor, power, network, keyboard, and mouse cables to stay connected while the laptop or tablet is in the docking station.  They are very handy for a desk at work.

Must I Buy a HP?  
Business class machines are tougher and remain consistent for 18 months unlike a consumer grade machine from a local store. 

Can't I Buy From a Local Store?

The combined purchasing power of a few models grants KUMC roughly a 30% discount on better machines that are easier to support.

I Still Have More Questions

Contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic at x87995 (913-588-7995).  Want to see see someone in person?  Stop by and see them at 3021 Taylor.

Last modified: Mar 28, 2016