Mobile Communication and Information Devices Policy

Effective September 1, 2011 The University of Kansas has implemented a new Mobile Communication and Information Devices (Mobile CIDs) policy. This policy replaces all previous cellular phone policies and covers the entire University of Kansas and University of Kansas Medical Center. (Including the Wichita and Salina campuses) While the entire university will follow the same policy, each campus will establish procedures to implement the policy.

In general, based on functional role within the University, employees fall into one of two groups of employees. Employees determined to be in "Group 1" will be eligible for supplemental salary up to a specified amount per pay period to cover the cost of mobile communication and information devices and services. An employee may not receive more than one mobile CID salary supplement. The amount of supplemental salary authorized is based on whether the supervisor has determined that the employee requires voice only, data only, or voice and data service in order to perform his or her duties. Supplemental salary to cover the cost of mobile CIDs is subject to payroll tax withholdings. It will be included in the employee's base salary, but will not be included in any percentage calculations for increases to base pay, and does not qualify as compensation for retirement contribution purposes. Once the "Group 1" request form has been approved by the department head a HRIS form will need to be completed and routed through your departments normal approval channels with a copy of the approved "Group 1" request form attached.

Employees determined to be in "Group 2" will have their CID device and service paid for by direct University budget. Group 2 employees who wish to have a mobile CID for personal use are expected to carry a second individually owned device. University owned and supported CIDs are for business purposes only. The mobile device user must "validate" their monthly statement prior to Telecommunications paying the monthly bill for service. All mobile devices for employees under Group 2 will be managed by the Telecommunications department.

The full text of the policy can be found on the main KU poilcy web site.

Below are the various forms used to request a cellular phone or mobile device for either Group 1 or Group 2 type employees. These forms must be completed by the end user and the department. For current group 1 employees, a PFC form must be submitted if the funding source is changing.

Group 1 Request Form: Word | PDF

Group 1 Cancel Stipend Form: Word | PDF

Group 2 Request Form: Word | PDF

Contact Information
For information on this policy, please contact:
DeAnna Villarreal
Associate Director, Telecommunications
Information Resources
University of Kansas Medical Center
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Last modified: Jun 16, 2016