Microsoft Campus Agreement

See also the Student Microsoft Campus Agreement

What is the Campus Agreement?

The Campus Agreement is a site license for selected Microsoft software. It gives University employees (only) the right to install covered software on desktop and notebook computers.

What software can I run under the Campus Agreement?

Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, including the Macintosh versions; Access; Front Page; InfoPath; Publisher; Visual Studio; and Windows XP operating systems. [Note: while the older versions of Windows are also covered under the Campus Agreement, they are no longer supported by Microsoft and are not acceptable for use on the KUMC network]

Are any important Microsoft Products not covered by the Campus Agreement?

Yes: Microsoft Project and Microsoft Visio. Consumer products (e.g., Microsoft money, Encarta) are not covered. If you have installed these products, you (or your department) must have purchased a license. PDA (handheld computer) software, including Windows CE, Pocket PC Operating System, and other PDA applications are not covered. Server operating systems are not covered. To purchase Microsoft licenses for products not covered by the Campus Agreement, University employees can email our current State contracted software vendor for a quote at

Who is covered by the Campus Agreement?

University faculty and staff (both full-and part-time) and University-managed student labs only.

Who is not covered by the Campus Agreement?

Hospital employees and employees of Hospital-affiliated entities (KU MedWest, Mid-America Cardiology, Jayhawk Clinics, etc.); KUPI employees; Research Institute employees; Bookstore employees; and all other employees not paid by the State of Kansas. Students and residents are also not covered but can use the software in University-managed computer labs.

Students can purchase Microsoft Office under KUMC's Student Select Agreement with Microsoft at greatly discounted prices (about $60.00 for Microsoft Office Professional).

How many copies of the software can I install?

As many as you need to conduct your University business. If you have 2 computers in your office, 4 in your lab, and a couple of notebooks, no problem.

If I'm a University employee, can I load Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Front Page, and Publisher on my home computer under the Campus Agreement?

Yes, for employment-related use (only). Please note that the Department of Information Resources is not staffed to provide technical support for home installations.

You may acquire copies of this software for employment-related use at home from E-Academy (online mail order). To order software from E-Academy and have it shipped to your residence: log onto myKUMC; select the "My Employee Info" tab; click the "E-Academy" link at the lower right; and follow the menus. The cost including shipping is about $12.

Please note that you are not buying a product license from the E-Academy. You are purchasing media to enable you to load the software for "Work at Home" purposes. If the University discontinues the Campus Agreement, you will need to discontinue use of the software and remove it from your home computer.

Unfortunately the University is prohibited by the Campus Agreement from lending you a copy of the software to install at home.

Are older versions of the software covered?

Yes. For example Office 97, Office 2000, and Office XP are all covered as is the newest release Office 2003. If you have been concerned about the compliance status of an older copy of a covered software program, you may rest assured that your program is licensed.

Can I buy a new PC without Windows and build the system (from the software perspective) myself?

No, the Campus Agreement covers upgrades to the operating system, not an initial copy. Whenever you buy a new PC, you need to order it with a version of Windows installed.

Who can I call or email for more information?

Director of Network Services, ext. 8-4970

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Last modified: Jul 30, 2013