Hosting Web Domain Name Service

Information Resources provides domain name service, web site hosting, server support, and security services under the following conditions:

  1. Web sites hosted by KUMC must reside on approved university web servers managed by the Internet Development unit.
  2. University departments and organizational units are not to be hosted off-site without prior review by Information Resources and Communications.
  3. KUMC will not host DNS entries for domains not hosted on KUMC servers.
  4. Proposed sites should be recognized and sponsored through a KUMC department or other functional work group associated with the Medical Center. Select not-for-profit, charitable, or government entities may request hosting services. See our Use of KUMC Web Services page for more information.
  5. The site's content and proposed domain name should be appropriate and mission related.

Formats of domain names

KUMC departments may register a domain name with no fee in the following format:

No university department may register a commercial domain such as .org, .net, or .com, though KUMC-affliated associations or grant projects may register a commerical domain for the cost of the commerical registration fees plus $250 a year.

The $250 fee covers the following services provided by Information Resources:

  • hosting the site on a secure, reliable web server
  • full access to modify your own files
  • hosting the domain name on the KUMC DNS server
  • detailed server statistics

Sites requiring dynamic elements including databases or scripts may require additional fees. Note that KUMC can only provide hosting for sites that fit within our server and development infrastructure. Generally this includes HTML, ASP.Net, and Java and not other scripting environments such as PHP or Perl.

All requests for web hosting or domain name service should be directed to Jameson Watkins ( For more general information about KUMC's web infrastructure and policies, see the Web Development Resource Guide.

Last modified: Jun 16, 2016