Adobe Acrobat Pro Site License

Acrobat iconAdobe Acrobat is a federal standard for electronic document management, notably for submitting grant applications to the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. The University of Kansas Medical Center has a multi-user ("site") license for Adobe Acrobat Professional.

Who cannot acquire Acrobat licenses under this program?
Only University and Research Institute faculty and staff are eligible for this pricing. Employees of Kansas University Physicians, Inc. (KUPI) and the University of Kansas Hospital are not eligible for this pricing.  Students are not eligible unless they are also University employees.

Who needs Adobe Acrobat Professional?
See Who Needs Acrobat Pro.

Is this software installed automatically on University computers like Microsoft Office and GroupWise?
Yes.  This software is only installed on computers for which individual licenses have been purchased.

What are a department's responsibilities under this program?
Departments must keep detailed, accurate records of how many licenses they have purchased and which employees are using those licenses.  Departments must assure that no unlicensed instances of the software are installed.  If an employee leaves the University or no longer needs the software, the license may be transferred to another employee as long as the records are updated appropriately.  Periodically the Division of Information Resources will consult with each KUMC department to assure rigorous software license compliance.

Are there similar programs for other Adobe products?
See Adobe Creative Cloud Suite

Current as of 05/06/2016.

Last modified: Jun 16, 2016