4024 Varnes Center

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 4024 varnes

Building: School Of Nursing
Style/Seating and Capacity: 14 round tables, 8 chairs per table. Tables have table-top electrical receptacles and are grounded to the floor with electrical cables.  

Please do not attempt to move tables.

Installed Equipment: Room standard with Audio Visual equipment.

  • Computer
  • Video Projectors
  • 2-Electric Screens
  • DVD/VCR Combo
  • PA System
  • Handheld wireless mics

Podium-roll around media/lectern

Recording: Camtasia with Chat 150. Training through TLT-Ed Tech (913)-588-7107.Video record with TLT-Media Technicians techs (913)-588-7326.

 Note: This room is  Phone Conference Capable. Call (913) 588-7326 for reservations and support 

Last modified: Oct 08, 2013