Web Publishing Guidelines

These guidelines include copyright, legal, logo identification, and other general policies affecting those publishing documents on the KUMC web servers.


  • The KUMC web site is intended specifically and exclusively as an information-delivery tool for the University of Kansas Medical Center and its schools, departments, and other functional areas. Use for any other purpose, including any form of advocacy, must be approved by the Executive Vice Chancellor or his/her designate(s).
  • Documents and other resources delivered through the KUMC web site represent not only the author/provider but also the University of Kansas. They should be coherent, well-written, logically presented, logically linked from and to other related documents, and should inspire confidence in, and respect for, KU Medical Center.
  • Our web servers are a community resource. They should be used for documents for use by, or distribution to, some constituency of the KU Medical Center or the public. It is not intended for storage and retrieval of documents for personal use only. All materials on the web site should either be published by linking through menus or should be in preparation for such publication.
  • Departments and individuals are responsible for the currency of the information they provide. The Web Design and Management unit will from time to time contact document providers to confirm the currency or relevance of any information and will remove from the server any information that is manifestly outdated.


    • Inappropriate material will be removed from the server and the author will be notified. "Inappropriate" includes, but is not limited to, libel, plagiarism, illegal activities, copyright infringement, misinformation, harassing materials, and pornography.
    • Personal viewpoints and opinions should not be presented in such a way as to make them appear to represent the university's viewpoint or opinion. When there is possible cause for confusion, authors should use a disclaimer such as "These are my opinions only; they do not necessarily represent the views of the University of Kansas Medical Center or of any of it's departments or schools."
    • Student organizations should provide the following disclaimer on the homepage of their site: "(name) is a student-based organization, and the views represented on this website aren't necessarily those of the University of Kansas Medical Center."
    • Heads of departments and other line managers have general responsibility for assuring that staff and students adhere to the precepts of this policy. However, the providers of documents and other resources will ordinarily be held personally responsible for any legal liability which may be occasioned by failing to follow the precepts of this policy document.


      • Documents posted on are published documents. Publication does not affect the author/owner's copyright. However, faculty (especially) should be mindful of the concern of some print publishers that material published in their journals be previously unpublished. No clear trends have emerged as to how print publishers will treat documents already distributed in some electronic form. Authors should generally manage individual and institutional considerations about intellectual property with the same care that they would exercise in managing these considerations in the print environment.
      • No material copyrighted by anyone other than the KU Medical Center or its employees may be presented without written permission of the copyright holder. All resources are copyrighted by the University of Kansas Medical Center. Specific questions related to intellectual property produced by KU Medical Center faculty and staff should be addressed to the KUMC Research Institute, Inc.

        Use of Logos, Identity Requirements

        There are detailed standards available on the use of the KUMC signature file, seal, and jayhawk available from KU's Visual Identity web site. To obtain copies of appropriate KUMC signature files for use on your web site or print project, contact the director of Public Affairs.

          Site Guidelines

          All university sites will use the standard KUMC visual identity, first established in 2006. In March 2011 the university transitioned to a content management system and began consolidating all sites onto a single domain, www.kumc.edu. No new licenses for 3rd party updating tools will be supported as sites are moved into the CMS.

          There may be circumstances in which it may not be appropriate for a site maintained on the KUMC web servers to have the KUMC web template used, such as a grant partnering with multiple universities. Contact Web Design and Management for help in setting up such a site.

          Last modified: Jan 06, 2016