Internal vs External Links

In general, if a web page is generated by the KUMC Content Management System, link to the page as an Internal Link, referencing the page by its xID. Most sites are in the www publishing target, and have a full path URL on the domain.

The following sites are exceptions and should ALWAYS be linked to via their domain names, rather than their xIDs.

  • University of Kansas Alzheimer's Disease Center
  • Community Health Center Executive Fellowship
  • Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals of Greater Kansas City
  • Dykes Library
  • HITS: Health Information Technology Scholars Program
  • Institute for Neurological Discoveries
  • Laboratory Animal Resources
  • Midwest Cancer Alliance
  • Project Eagle
  • KU School of Nursing
  • Student Research Forum
  • KU School of Medicine–Wichita

If your site in one of the above domains (not, and you are linking to a page within the www publishing target, select external link and include the full path to the URL. Generally, linking to the xID is best (e.g. if you are linking to the Anatomy and Cell Biology home page).

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