Rotating Images on Section Fronts

Section fronts have the option of including a series of images that rotate. All images in a rotation series should have the width of 720 pixels by a consistent height. If only one image is chosen in the Image List, that is the only image that will appear.

image list

Images with headings and captions.

To utilize the option of rotating images with headings and captions on a section front, you must first create Image Components for each image in the rotation. All images in a rotation series should have the width of 720 pixels by a consistent height. Be sure to delete images in the Image List if the page previously referenced images (no use of captions).

image component

  1. Text in the Nivo Heading field on an image component.
  2. Text in the Nivo Caption field on an image component. Text in this area may include a link. Do not format this text, by default, the text will have the paragraph tags and styles applied. Formatting the text with the paragraph tag will add undesired spacing.


  • It's important that the length of text in these field are consistent among the image components used in the same rotation. If the length of text varies greatly, the size of the overlay box on the image will fluctuate when transistioning to the next image and be distracting.
  • The series may have Nivo Headings only, or Nivo Captions only, or Nivo Headings and Nivo Captions. Be consistent within the series to avoid unsightly transistions between components in the series.

 image component


Last modified: Jun 07, 2016
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