Answers to FAQs on Using the CMS

Formatting in the XHTML editor

Q: How do I make a hard line break in the xHTML editor, with no space between the lines?

A: Position the cursor at the end of the word where you want the break to appear, hold the shift key down > hit Enter. This creates a hard line break.

Q: How do I select a few words of a sentence to hyperlink (or format)?

A: Position the cursor at the beginning of the word you to hyperlink (or format), hold the shift key down > use the right arrow key to select the letters/words that you want to link/format.

Q: Some of the text on my pages looks different than the rest, and when I try to change it I can't. Help me!

A: Chances are you have some code transferred from Microsoft Word embedded in the content of your page. It will mess up the look of your text and resists the CMS User's ability to modify it. Contact Joshua Motsinger and he can get it removed for you.

To avoid this problem in the future, always use the Paste as Plain Text option when pasting text into the CMS.

Q: I've created a small table in the CMS but it doesn't have borders. How do I add them?

A: To add borders you first need to select the table that needs borders. Once you have selected the table, click the Table button in the XHTML editor. This should open the Insert/Edit Table dialog. Click the dropdown menu labeled Class and select (value). In the field that appears, type this word: form 

Click the Update button and the borders will appear.

Deleting a Page

Q: I created a page that I don't need any longer.  How do I delete it?

A: Most users do not have the ability to delete pages in the CMS.  Send a message to Joshua Motsinger and he can remove the file for you.

Publishing Pages

Q: Why am I getting an error when I try to publish a Bio Page?

A: Unlike Detail Pages, which have one required field that isn't automatically filled in, Bio Pages have four. Chances are one of those required items is empty. Here are the required fields:

  • Title
  • Abstract (Meta-Description)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Thumbnail

The most common missing element of this list is the Thumbnail. In order for a Bio Page to appear on the Roster Page, it must have a small image of the person (75x100 pixels) in the Thumbnail Field.

Once you make sure that all these fields are filled in, try to Publish the page again.


Q: At my past job I was able to edit the HTML of my pages. Can I do that here?

A: Access to view and edit the HTML in the Body Copy field in the Edit Form of your pages is available for users who understand HTML. This additional access does not allow you to edit the overall look-and-feel of your website. This only allows editing the html in the Body Copy section of your pages. The Web Design and Development team reserves the right to remove superfluous inline styles that are not aligned with the KU visual identity standards. Contact Joshua Motsinger regarding acces to view HTML in the Body Copy field of the Edit Form.

Last modified: Jun 13, 2016
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