Creating Forms

The Web Design and Management team can assist you in developing forms to include on your site to collect information. The data collected via the forms will be sent to specified email addresses upon form submission.

There are several types of information that should never be collected via HTML web forms on our public web servers.

  • Health information – contact any of the university or hospital HIPAA Officers for further information regarding HIPAA compliance. Web Design and Management is not involved in the policy-making aspect of HIPAA, but will occassionally audit mail forms for compliance.
  • Credit card information should never be collected via a web form. The exception to this is if Web Design and Management has prepared the form to work in compliance with the state's credit card vendor. Contact Web Design and Management for further assistance if you need to accept credit card payments.
  • Other types of information that should not be collected include Social Security numbers and other private information that could be used in an inappropriate manner by a third party.
  • Forms need to comply with the KUMC Sensitive Information in Electronic and Paper-Based Systems.

Plan your form by creating a document with answers to the following:

  • Identify the data that you want to collect (label each form field).
  • Indicate which fields are required (user must provide an answer before form can be submitted).
  • Indicate the options for each field if you have pre-set choices.
  • Indicate whether the user may select more than one answer for questions that offer choices.
  • Identify any logic required (field only appears dependent on user's answer to a previous question).
  • List the email addresses to receive the form submission data.
  • Craft the confirmation message that should appear after the user submits the form.
  • Identify the xID of the page on which the form is to appear. If you have not created a page, please indicate the xID of the page where a link to the form is to appear.

Contact Web Design and Management with an outline of your form based on the above guide and we will contact you regarding a development timeline.

Last modified: Feb 11, 2015