Through Internet Explorer, bookmark and access the Web Site at

Click Login

Before doing anything else, select the <Advanced> tab to set up the appropriate preferences for the report and follow the instructions on the next page.

On this page, <Uncheck> New, Fourth Hold, Third Hold, Completed, Pending Approval, Cancelled, Reconciled, and Activity boxes....  These boxes have no meaning for a client search.

The remaining boxes are color coded on the report by the following legend:

Second Hold  ­­­  Set-up/Tear-down time reserved for confirmed event, possible availability

First Hold   Required or scheduled maintenance, possible availability

Unconfirmed    Not yet confirmed

Confirmed    Confirmed reservation, room not available

The Width and Height and Pixel/Mhz settings are preset for most viewing requirements.

Make sure the <Show Empty Rows> box is checked.  This is so you can see not only what is scheduled, but also the same type of rooms that are available.

Select <Detailed View> from the Display View pull-down menu.  This view will be appropriate for your searching needs.

*Note:  These set-up steps should only be required on your initial visit to ScheduAll Interactive Web Reports.

Return to the <Basic> tab.

Select the Groups (Type of Room) that you desire from the pull-down menu.  The available choices will be:

Auditoriums - ALL           All Centrally Scheduled Auditoriums

Conference Centers         Beller and Varnes Conference Centers

Conference Rooms         Dispersed conference rooms around the campus

Dykes - All                     Study Rooms in Dykes Library

Lg Classrooms                Capacity larger than 50 seats

Orr-Major - All                  All resources  in Orr-Major including Auditoriums, Stoland Lounge, 4th Floor Labs, and ITV only venues

SON - All                         All resources in School of Nursing Building including Auditoriums, Atrium, and Varnes Center

X - FurnitureGrp               Specific Group of interest to Facilities moving personnel

X -  HVAC Scheduling      Specific Group of interest to Facilities HVAC control personnel

On the same <Basic> tab screen, select the Start Date and Time and the End Date and Time that you would like to search using the pull-down menu for dates, and the format shown for time.

Select <Next> button to view Scheduled resources.

*Note: You can only view events that are already scheduled.  You cannot schedule your own events from this service.  To schedule your event, e-mail your request with as much detail as possible indicating venue, date, time, and any special requirements to or ext. 8-7326 for one of our friendly and helpful scheduling staff.

Last modified: Dec 11, 2014