KUMC Online Surveys and Course Evaluations with Vovici

Have your paper surveys or course evaluations converted to or have new online surveys or evaluations created in Vovici. We will design the questionnaire, deploy e-mail notifications to participants, manage the collected data, and report the results for your evaluation or survey.

Why is this service important or valuable?

Compared to paper surveys, web surveys provide you with:

  • Faster Response Rates: Questions can be answered by selecting an option or typing in a text box.
  • Faster Reporting: Vovici has built in reporting features that analyze the data whenever you are ready to create your reports, even seconds after receiving data from participants.
  • Less Cost: Online surveys can reduce printing and mailing expenses.

What are some exciting and useful capabilities of web surveys and evaluations?

  • Deploy surveys through the web or send out email invitations.
  • Send reminder email invitations to only the participants who have not responded.
  • Monitor responses and report data in real time.
  • Immediately share professionally styled results in PDF, PowerPoint, Word, HTML, or Excel formats.
  • Include branching and conditional questions.

How do I begin using this service?

Each school has a survey designer capable of creating, administering, and reporting your survey results:

  • School of Health Professions - Kelsie Nunnally (913) 588-3678
  • School of Medicine - Tony Paolo (913) 588-7224
  • School of Nursing (Academic/Course Surveys) - Danielle Woolsey (913) 588-1643
  • School of Nursing (Grants/Research Surveys) - Marge Bott (913) 588-1692
  • Institution-wide Evaluations/Surveys - Karen Chinn (913) 588-7362

Additional online resources for this service:

If your survey needs fall outside of the scope of faculty research surveys or online course evaluations, please visit https://redcap.kumc.edu for more information on an additional survey resource at KUMC.

Last modified: Dec 11, 2014