TechSmith Relay Quick Start Guide

You can use Camtasia Relay (CR) to record your computer screen and audio. Your recording is automatically uploaded to the CR server where it is converted into one or more formats (e.g., mp3, wmv, etc.) and published to online destinations where your students can view and/or listen to your recording. Presenters log into CR using their KUMC network username and password. The assigned username associates a specific user profile with the recording. This automates the encoding and publication of the recording. Guest access allows presenters who do not have CR accounts to record a presentation using a Guest Profile.


Log into Camtasia Relay

Before using Camtasia Relay, you should contact Teaching & Learning Technologies ( to setup an account for you and have needed software installed on your computer.

1. Double-click the Camtasia Relay icon on your desktop. If this icon is not on your desktop, look in the Start Menu for it: Programs > TechSmith > Camtasia Relay.

2. Enter your KUMC Username and Password.

Camtasia Relay Login Window 

3. Click the Log In button.


Choose a Profile and Enter a Presentation Title

A Profile is a combination of record, encode, and publish settings. Profiles are specific to CR users and determine recording quality, conversion format(s), and destinations for published recordings.

4. Select a Profile from the dropdown menu.

Camtasia Relay Window

5. Enter a Title for this recording.


Adjust Audio Settings

You may need to adjust audio settings, especially if this is your first time using CR on this computer.

6. Click the Audio button (microphone icon), and select from the list of detected audio options for your computer. The audio option with the active indicator peaks is the active audio device and should be selected. If you are recording on a classroom workstation, you may need to select the SoundMax HD Audio or Chat 150 option to record from the classroom microphone. Otherwise, you probably have only one audio option on your personal computer. If you want to record system sounds or sounds from files you will play during your presentation, check the Record System Audio box.

7. CR automatically adjusts the input level of the selected audio device. As the volume of the audio changes, the slider moves automatically to adjust the level of the recorded audio. If no audio volume is indicated when you speak, your microphone may be off, or you may need to select a different audio option in Step 6.

Note: Correctly recording the audio is the most common problem when using CR. Click the test button to record a short test recording. Playback and listen to the test recording to ensure you are recording the audio. (If you plan to use any YouTube or other video/audio files, you should also check those audio levels before starting your presentation.)

8. If you have a webcam installed on your computer and want to include the webcam video in your recording, click the Camera button/icon and select the camera in the resulting window. You will be able to see the camera video in the bottom right hand corner of the preview screen. The camera video will not be visible while you are recording, so be aware how this may affect your slides or other on-screen information.


Make a Recording

Once you have selected the profile and audio settings, it is time to make your recording.

9. Click the rec (Record) button. After a three-second countdown, CR is minimized to the system tray. At this point, CR is recording everything that displays on your computer screen (plus webcam video if you made that choice in the Camera Setup), and everything you say into your microphone (plus system sounds if you made that choice in the Audio setup).

10. When you want to pause or stop recording, click the CR icon in the system tray, and click the Pause or Stop button.

Camtasia Relay Recording Window


Post a Recording

When you stop recording, the Camtasia Relay Review window is displayed. From this window, you can preview your recording, trim the beginning and end of your recording, select a different Profile, and change your Title or Description.

11. When you are ready to post your recording, click the Submit button. Leave your computer on for about five minutes to ensure the entire recording uploads to the CR server.

Camtasia Relay Review Window

12. An email notification is sent to the Presenter as the recordings are published. This email includes a web address to access the recording if it is published to a web server. You can forward that email to your students or create a link to the web address within Blackboard. If there is a problem with a recording, an email notification is sent to the KUMC CR Administrator who will contact the Presenter. You can also check the status of your recordings at the KUMC Relay Web Portal. (Login using your KUMC username and password.) To learn more about using Camtasia Relay, click the Help button on the CR login window, or visit the Camtasia Relay Learning Center.

For Camtasia Relay support or to learn more about using CR at KUMC, please contact Teaching & Learning Technologies at (913) 588-7107 or For classroom technology support (e.g., classroom computers, projectors, sound systems), contact TLT-Media at (913) 588-7326 or

Last modified: Feb 17, 2016