Podcasting and Lecture Capture with TechSmith Relay

With TechSmith Relay, KUMC faculty, staff, and students can easily record both audio and video podcasts, from their classroom, lecture hall, office, or home.

  • Capture your lectures for later student review, as make-ups for absent students, or to better reach online students.
  • Create short podcasts as enrichment materials on advanced or optional topics that cannot be covered during normal class time.
  • Make a screencast to demonstrate software features or provide instructions for doing a complicated task within a computer program.
  • Have your students create podcasts as an assignment, instead of a traditional term paper or group presentation.

What are some exciting and useful capabilities of TechSmith Relay?

  • An easy-to-use desktop application records whatever is on your computer screen and whatever you say into your computer microphone.
  • Once recorded, predefined user profiles automatically create needed audio and video files.
  • An automated upload process places podcast files on a webserver for immediate online viewing by your students and others.

How do I begin using TechSmith Relay?

If you're interested in using TechSmith Relay, please complete our online request form, and TLT will contact you to discuss your podcasting needs.

Additional online resources for TechSmith Relay:

For more information about this service, contact Teaching & Learning Technologies (TLT) at (913) 588-7107 or tlt@kumc.edu.

Last modified: Nov 10, 2016