iTunes U Quick Start

iTunes U

You can not only organize and play your favorite music with iTunes, but you can add or subscribe to your course lectures or other audio or video content to your iTunes library. You will be able to play your lectures and course content from your ipod, burn CDs, or play directly from your computer. This quickstart guide will provide the basics of using iTunes U at KUMC.

1) Download iTunes

Download and install iTunes on your computer, if you don't already have it. Go to for both Macintosh and Windows installations.

2) Open KUMC on iTunes U

Current students, staff and faculty can open KUMC on iTunes U by going to from their web browser. You will be asked to sign in using your KUMC username and password to see the KUMC iTunes U site. Your browser may also ask you if it's okay to open iTunes.

Also, follow the iTunes U link in your ANGEL course to open your course on iTunes U.

3) Using KUMC on iTunes U

You are able to play the content directly from your course site, or you can subscribe or download all content. The following will explain how to do each one of these.

Play - To play a audio or video file directly from the course, double click on the name of the file you want to play. Playing your files will not download any files to your computer. These are streamed for you.

Play Lecture

Subscribe - Clicking on the subscribe button in your course will will automatically download all course content as your instructor postes a lecture or other materials. You will find these under your Library in the iTunes U section. Synching your iPod will allow you to add these files to your device.


Download - You can download files individually with the Get Movie button, or download all the lectures at once with the Get Tracks button. You will find these under your Library in the iTunes U section. Syncing your iPod will allow you to add these lectures to your device.

Get Tracks get movie


Video Tutorial of these Steps

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