Adobe Connect Quick Start Guide

Use this quick start page to test your computer and learn what you need to participate in an Adobe Connect meeting. You also can call the Adobe Connect Technical Support (24/7) at 888-523-8445 or 800-422-3623.

This setup can be done any time prior to your participation in an Adobe Connect meeting. It is strongly recommended you go through ALL the steps below, several days before your actual session. This will allow ample time for troubleshooting any technical problems.

1. Check that your computer meets KUMC computer recommendations and will run an Adobe Connect session.

2. To use the audio features of Connect, you need a Microphone Headset. A headset can be purchased online or at an electronics store for around $20.


3. Click the following link to test your system for all needed components to run Adobe Connect. We recommend using Firefox for Adobe Connect. (Attention Mac OS users: You must download the Adobe Add-In and the Java Runtime prior to your Adobe Connect meeting.)

4. You also may want to review the Participant Quick Start Guide (PDF) or Host Quick Start Guide (PDF), depending on your meeting role.

5. You can test your set-up and practice using Connect in our Practice Configuration Room. To access this meeting room, choose the Enter as a Guest option.

6. Once you have all the needed components installed and BEFORE entering your meeting session, make sure:

  • headset is plugged in
  • not using a wireless internet connection
  • log in only once

7. At the specified meeting time, join your Connect meeting as Guest. You should have received a URL to your Adobe Connect meeting from your instructor or the meeting host (the person conducting the meeting). If the meeting is part of your course, the meeting link may be in your Blackboard coursesite.

Meeting URLs look something like:, where "MEETINGNAME" changes depending on what the host named the meeting.

8. If the meeting host gave you audio rights for the meeting, go to the Meeting menu, select the Audio Setup Wizard command, and follow the steps. To speak during your meeting, click the Connect My Audio button. This button/icon is in the menu bar, and it looks like a microphone.

If you experience problems with this setup process or during the meeting, contact TLT at 913-588-7107 or email If it is outside of normal business hours (M - F, 8 am - 5 pm CST), you also can call Adobe Connect Technical Support (24/7) at 888-523-8445 or 800-422-3623 or email

Last modified: Oct 13, 2017