4016 Varnes Center

4016 Varnes

Audio Visual must be requested at the time the room reservation is made

This room does not have A/V equipment standard. Requires authorization from TLT Media,

TLT Media Tech requires 1 hour of tech time. (30 mins set up for the event and 30 mins tear down of the event)

Building: School Of Nursing
Seating Style and Capacity: Various Set ups and Seating
Installed Equipment:

  • All with TLT-Media Tech
  • Computer
  • Video Projectors
  • 2-Electric Screens
  • PA System
  • Wireless Mics 

Podium-roll around media/lectern

Recording: Camtasia with Chat 150,Training through TLT-Ed Tech (913)-588-7107, Chat 150 check out, when available, through TLT Media (913) 588-7326.

If you need use of a document camera (Elmo) please contact TLT-Media Scheduling (x8-7326)

If you need to play VHS tapes in these rooms, please contact Ryan Wickstrom (x8-7064) to discuss options.

Video record with TLT-Media Technicians techs (913)-588-7326.

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