Telecommunications Work Orders

To request telecom service for:

  • New Installations of Phone or Network Service
  • New Installations of Voice or Data Cabling
  • Move Existing Phone or Network Service
  • Change Existing Phone Service Features
  • Disconnect Existing Phone or Network Service

For the above requests, please email with your name and phone number or use the below form. If you have questions about a work order or for a status update you can call 8-4990 to speak with a telecommunications representative. If you are experiencing a problem with your phone, phone line, or jack please contact Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) to create a ticket at 8-7995.


First name

Last name

Campus Address
(Building and Room)

Requestor's Phone Number
(Who we can call with questions)

Email (example:


Department Account # (I.E. University billing # OB894###)

Location of where work is to be accomplished:


Room Number

Description of work needed. Please provide as much detail as possible such as existing Jack ID#'s, phone features requested and phone numbers for each line to be worked on:

Provide a cost estimate for the above work?



Contact information

All voice and data work orders should be requested via e-mail to:; include your name and telephone number and a representative will contact you for details.

If you have any questions please contact one of our Telecom planning specialists at 913-588-4990.


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Last modified: Jun 16, 2016