Sending a Page Options

There are several options for sending pages.

You can page someone using the telephone. Dial 9, 917- #### (#### are the last four digits of the pager number you are paging). Enter a voice or numeric message after the tone, press the "#" key then hang up.

GroupWise Paging

You can send a page through email. Compose a new message. In the "To:" box enter the 10 digit pager number, with the prefix but with no dashes, followed by "". Type your message in the body of the e-mail. Your message must be limited to 240 characters. Click the Send button.


Paging from directoryYou can also send a page via the KUMC phone directory if you're on campus or using a VPN client. If a person has a pager associated with their directory entry, a 'Send Page' link will appear.

Last modified: Dec 27, 2012