Pager Warehouse


Pager Request Form (PDF)
Pager Instructions (PDF): Alpha Elite | Bravo FLX | Motorola 850BR
Pager Access Commands (PDF)
Options for Sending Pages

The Pager Warehouse handles most pagers for the University of Kansas Medical Center. Trauma pagers, Code Blue pagers, and after hours transactions for all other pagers are handled by the switchboard (Ext. 8-5000). Pager support has moved from Dykes Library to Hospital Basement B314. This includes support for existing pagers and issuance of new pagers.

Coverage Options

Local Coverage: Encompasses KUMC facility and the Kansas City Metropolitan area.  This coverage also includes north to St. Joseph, south to Branson, southwest to Wichita, west to Topeka (including Lawrence), and east to Jefferson City.

Nationwide Coverage: Nationwide covers all states, including western Kansas, without having to change coverage zones with a code.

Last modified: Feb 17, 2016