Directory Assistance

Directory Assistance Calls

The University of Kansas Medical Center provides Directory Assistance services for most users.  The Telecommunications department contracts with an outside provider for directory assistance calls.  To reach directory assistance dial 9 for an outside line and then 411 or 1-(XXX)555-1212 with (XXX) being the area code for the number you are looking for. 

Telecommunications does charge $0.50 per call for directory assistance and directory assistance will not connect the call.  The user will obtain the number from the directory assistance operator and then place the call.  Although normal long distance charges will apply this is saving the user unnecessary costs.

Before calling directory assistance a user might want to try these websites:

Yellow Pages Telephone U.S. Directory

InfoBel Worldwide List of Telephone Directories

InfoSpace World Directories List

Canadian 411

The University of Kansas Medical Center Telecommunications has no control over the accuracy of these sites or the sites content.

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Last modified: Feb 17, 2016