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Welcome to the campus's new voicemail system.
Here is a simple grid to help you decide which type mailbox is best for you:

Monthly Cost
Web Phone Manager
Personal Assistant
BASIC Free Yes No No
ADVANCED $2.50/mo. Yes Yes Yes


Basic voicemail provides the functionality that the majority of our users will need including access to the new Web Phone Manager (WPM) for administering your mailbox. Advanced voicemail comes with a speech enabled interface and has advanced features such as personal assistant and find-me/follow-me capabilities. Please contact one of our Telecom Planning Technicians at ext. 84990 if you have more questions on this product.

Setting Up Your New CallXpress Mailbox for the First Time

From the phone line associated with the mailbox:

  1. Dial 55555
  2. Enter the default security code, 746637
  3. Follow the prompts through the tutorial to enable your mailbox and set a new default security code

From a phone line NOT associated with the mailbox:

  1. Dial 913-945-5555
  2. Press #
  3. Enter your 5-digit extension
  4. Enter the default security code, 746637
  5. Follow the prompts through the tutorial to enable your mailbox and set a new default security code

You will need to set up your voice mail box and complete the tutorial before you can log into the new Web PhoneManager (WPM) for the first time.  https://voicemail.kumc.edu/

CallXpress WPM logo


Web PhoneManager

  • Retrieve and listen to voice messages

  • Change your security code

  • Activate your out of office greetings

  • Available both on and off campus

Logging In to WPM

Once you have completed the phone tutorial you may log in to the Web PhoneManager

  1. Enter https://voicemail.kumc.edu in your Web browser's address field
  2. Enter your mailbox number in the mailbox field (your 5-digit phone number)
  3. In the Security Code field, enter your security code
  4. Click the Login button

CallXpress Screen Shot

User Resources (Training Videos and System Documentation)

The following resources contain documentation, videos and other training guides for setting up your mail box:

For Ongoing Access to Your Mailbox

  1. Call 55555 or 913-945-5555 for CallXpress.

  2. When prompted, enter your subscriber mailbox number.

  3. Enter a security code (or the default code, if your administrator has given you one).

BASIC Voicemail

Common Tasks

  • Getting Started
    If you want to ... Then enter ...
  • Listen to new messages - 1
  • Listen to saved messages - 5
  • Listen to and recover messages you've marked for deletion (in this session only) - 7
  • Review, forward, delete, or save messages you've selected - 6
  • Record a message for another subscriber - 2

After Recording a Message
If you want to ... Then enter ...

  • Leave a number where you can be reached - 0 8
  • Mark the message urgent - 0 2
  • Request a return receipt - 0 5
  • Request future delivery - 0 1
  • Restrict forwarding of the message - 0 3

While Listening to a Message
If you want to ... Then enter ...

  • Increase playback speed - 1 4
  • Decrease playback speed - 1 7
  • Skip ahead five seconds - 9
  • Skip back five seconds - 3
  • Skip to the next message - 7

Setting Up Your Mailbox
If you want to ... Then enter ...

  • Change your busy greeting - 3 1 3 1 or 3 5
  • Change your name recording - 3 1 5
  • Change your out-of-office greeting - 3 1 3 3 or 3 6
  • Change your password - 3 1 4
  • Change your standard greeting - 3 1 3 2 or 3 4
  • Set automatic message forwarding - 3 2 4
  • Set Immediate Message Notification - 3 1 1
  • Set message presentation ordering - 3 2 5

Remember to use the new CallXpress Web Phone Manager

To change your password or administer your voicemail settings: https://voicemail.kumc.edu

Advanced Voicemail

Using Advanced Features

Some WPM accounts include advanced features, as approved by your system administrator. If you have access to any advanced options, please see page 5 of the CallXpress Quick Start Card for further information.

Note: Many features accessible through the Call Settings tab are not available to Basic voice mail box users. To access these features you may need to upgrade to the Advanced voice mail box.  If you need more information on this enhanced service please contact Telecom at 8-4990 or send an email to telecom_workorder@kumc.edu to submit your request.


    Last modified: Feb 17, 2016