Security Incident Report Form

Please read our incident report policy carefully, then fill out the form below to report an incident. If you have any further questions, you may contact Information Security by dialing extension 8-3333 or emailing

Email Harassment

If you receive threatening email and are concerned for your personal safety contact University Police. Report other email abuse to Information Security at 913-588-3333 or

Password Compromise

If you suspect that there is unauhorized use of your password occurring, then please do the following:

  • Change your password as soon as possible!
  • Contact Information Security at or 913-588-3333.

Note: if this occurred on a non-KUMC account, please notify Information Security so they can monitor your account for suspicious activity. Identify how you believe that the password became compromised and what may have been accessed.

System Intrusion or Virus/Malware/Spyware

If you belive that one of your devices has become infected with a virus, malware, spyware or any other type of threat, then please contact Information Security at 913-588-3333 or

If you suspect your desktop computer has been compromised notify the Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) at ext. 87995. Jayhawk Tech Clinic staff will help define the problem and eliminate other possible causes of hardware/software failure.If you suspect your server (UNIX/NT/Netware/other) has been compromised, contact Information Security at 913-588-3333 or Be prepared to provide the following information:

  • affected machine(s)
  • account(s) used
  • methods of intrusion
  • source of attack (hostname/IP)
  • intruder tools involved
  • software versions and patch levels
  • intruder tool output
  • details of vulnerabilities exploited
  • any other relevant information

If serious (root) compromise is suspected, disconnect system from the network immediately.

Other Security Incidents

Dial 911 or contact University Police to report campus or personal security incidents.

Last modified: Nov 10, 2016