How To Send Secure Email

Secure email is available to all faculty, staff and students.  No pre-registration or extra software is required! 

To send a secure, encrypted email perform one of the following options:

** NOTE:  The subject line of the email is not encrypted; therefore, you should not include sensitive information in the subject line of the email.

Because the recipient will have to register the first time he/she uses the encryption service, you may want to send a note first warning that an encrypted message is coming. A sample of a secure email notification is available 

Option 1 (Outlook, OWA, ActiveSync)

1.  Add the word "[secure]" at the beginning of the subject line of the email as shown below. Be sure to include the brackets but do not include the quote marks. Putting the word [secure] anywhere other than the beginning of the subject line will not encrypt the message.

Send Secure Email

2. When you have completed the process of typing the email and adding necessary attachments, click the "Send" button.



Option 2 (Outlook Only)

Enter the Recipient (To, BCC, CC), Subject, Message and attach documents as you would with any ordinary email .  When you are ready to send the email, Click on the "Send Securely" button as shown below.   By clicking the "Send Securely" button, the system will automatically encrypt the email sent to external recipients.  Typing the word [secure] in the subject line is not needed for this option.  The "Send Securely" Outlook Add In is installed by Customer Support, if it does not appear you will need to use Option 1.

Send Securely

Last modified: Feb 09, 2016