Wireless Networking on Campus

wireless networking

There are two wireless networks, one called 'kumc-guest' and another called 'kumc-secure.' Both are broadcast and are available for you to connect to via your wireless device. Connecting to the 'kumc-guest' network will require a brief registration to gain access.  IR encourages all students, staff, and faculty to use the 'kumc-secure' network where possible, as it adds an additional layer of security and allows you to connect to KUMC resources that are unavailable on the 'kumc-guest' network.

Instructions for setting up your device to use the 'kumc-secure' network:
Windows XP | Windows Vista | Windows 7 | iPad | Apple

Application Name Public 'kumc-guest' network Secured 'kumc-secure' network Notes
Full internet access Check Check
Angel Learning x x
Outlook OWA and Client x
Library and journals x x Certain journals require a KUMC network account.
O2 x Must have O2 account
SAKU (Enroll and Pay) x x
securefiles.kumc.edu x x
"O:" Drive x x
Aperio System x x
Remote into desktop PC x

Last modified: Nov 02, 2015