Remote Access to KUMC Resources


There's several ways you can access KUMC network resources from off-campus.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) technology creates a secure, authenticated and encrypted tunnel between network resources.   The University's VPN system allows you to access resources on the KUMC network from a home or remote computer.

To access the University's VPN system, open a browser and go to:

NOTE: All University faculty, staff, and UKP employees at the Kansas City and Salina locations have VPN access. Wichita faculty and staff must request VPN access by calling the Wichita Help Desk at (316) 293-2605. Requests for VPN access for vendors or other affiliates must be approved and submitted by the sponsoring department by contacting Jayhawk Tech Clinic (IT Help Desk) at (913) 588-7995.

Students have access to VPN for certain services like the standardized patient.

Direct Access is for university-owned devices only and allows you to access most resources without using a VPN from Windows-based PCs. The details:

  • You need Windows 7 Enterprise or greater - the standardized university PC is fine. There's no XP, Windows 7 Pro (UKP users) or Mac availability.
  • This is for university-owned and managed devices only; no personal computers.
  • The Windows firewall will be automatically turned on as part of the installation of the service. You may see additional pop-ups when installing new software or accessing the Internet for the first time.
  • You need to bring your laptop in and physically plug it into the network to receive the update, which will happen in the background. New laptops using the KUMC image will receive Direct Access automatically.

How do you know if Direct Access is enabled on your laptop? Follow these directions.

The following table provides guidance for common resources that are accessed off-campus and how they are accessed:

VPN Direct Access Public Internet
Microsoft Lync instant messenger x(students) x Students need to use VPN
Remoting into a PC x Instructions
Outlook OWA web-based email x Use OWA off campus
Outlook email client x University owned devices only
G: drive or other network shares x
Standardized Patient x(students) x
Aperio x
SharePoint x
myKUMC x
O2 x(students) x Contact the Hospital for access


Remote Access to Hospital Resources

The University of Kansas Hospital provides several ways to remotely access Hospital computing resources. The standard method to use is the Citrix based  VPN is available for special circumstances and for applications not supported through Citrix. Per HIPAA requirements, University and UKP users desiring VPN access must complete and submit the VPN Request Form (instructions are on the form).  The Hospital IT Security team reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of the request and to offer alternatives to VPN.  Additionally, the Hospitals remote access policy can be found on the Hospital's Intranet.

Last modified: Oct 29, 2015