Purchase an Apple Computer For Work

Where Do I Buy a Macintosh®?

All Apple hardware is purchased and warrantied through the KU Bookstore on-line website. NOTE: The state mandates that ALL computers be purchased with an extended warranty.  The bookstore has a very good extended warranty from CPS.  The Jayhawk Tech Clinic will handle shipping to and from the Lawrence bookstore for purchases, warranty work, and repairs.  The following will be added to all Macintosh computers:

  • The Macintosh computer will be encrypted.
  • The Outlook email client will be installed, along with the latest version of MS Office (Note: if you need Microsoft Access, you'll need to purchase Parallels to run Windows on your Mac).
  • If you need Parallels to run Windows on your Mac, you will need to purchase Parallels and a Microsoft Windows license.  Both can be purchased from SHI within the Market Center. The Tech Clinic can install and configure Parallels and Windows for you.
  • Management software to allow remote support, customized software installs (I.E.: Adobe Creative Cloud), remote software updates, printing, and inventory will be installed on the computer.

Apple Computer Extended Warranty Comparison

Issue AppleCare * CPS
Accidental Damage Not Covered Covered
Cracked LCD or Glass Not Covered Covered
Deductible No deductible $45
Mechanical/ System Malfunction Covered Covered
OS How-to Support Covered Not Covered
Apple Application Support Covered Not Covered
How to Get Support Apple Store
Apple Service Provider
Phone Support
Chat Support
Mail-in Support
Bring any KUMC owned Macintosh with a CPS warranty to the Jayhawk Tech Clinic for repair.
Warranty Duration 3 years from Purchase Date Up to 4 years from Purchase Date
Repair Examples

Liquid Damage
 (Main Logic Board)
$700 - $1200 $0.00

Broken Screen $900+ $0.00
Broken or Scratched Case Full Replacement at cost of Machine $0.00

*Apple will Factory restore your machine every time it is in for repair (Fully Erase Hard Drive)
*Apple does not cover ANY accidental damage like spills, drops, or impact damage and will void the warranty if the machine has been modified in anyway.

So Many Choices, Where Do I Start?
Laptops are nice if the device needs to be moved around a lot like going to meetings or to be taken home for use.  Models vary from year-to-year so contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic about the exact differences.

Desktop devices generally are faster and more powerful than laptops due to bigger cases that allow for a bigger power supply, bigger fans, and bigger processors.  In general a SSD (solid state drive) is faster and less likely to fail than a standard HDD (hard disk drive).  A SSD costs more.  Tablets and laptops should be moved between locations with computer specific carry cases or backpacks to protect them; they're fragile.  A docking station allows monitor, power, network, keyboard, and mouse cables to stay connected while laptop or tablet is in the docking station.  They're very handy for a desk at work.

Last modified: Sep 22, 2015
Purchase Apple Products

Prices on Apple® hardware at the KU Bookstore's online shop reflect our educational discount. The bookstore delivers to KUMC every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  

KU Bookstore

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