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Teaching and Learning Technologies provides a wide variety of Interactive Television conferencing solutions. Teaching and Learning Technologies has 17 ITV capable rooms of varying sizes, locations, and arrangements. Providing current technologies in environments that are well suited to presentation and learning is our top priority.

ITV requests should be made at least one week in advance to improve chances of technician and room availability.

Current Rates

To schedule an ITV please follow these steps.

  1. Gather information required by Scheduling Agent:
  2. Please contact all remote sites to confirm the availability of the rooms you wish to connect to, the method of connection, and connection information (i.e. IP, ISDN) with dial-in numbers, connection speeds, etc.
  3. Your name, department, and phone number.
  4. Date and start/end times of the event. Account number for billing.
  5. Room preference and expected attendance at KUMC.
  6. A list of information you gathered from the remote sites. Is KUMC the originating (host) site?
  7. Presentation support required (e.g. computer, DVD, etc.) If you are not sure, please ask.
  8. Email: or call (913) 588-7326 with the above information ready to schedule the event.
  9. If the room and equipment are available at the requested time, the Scheduling Agent will advise you to contact your remote sites and confirm their availability.
  10. When you have confirmed availability of the remote sites, Teaching and Learning Technologies will finalize the reservation with you via an e-mail confirmation with dial-in numbers if applicable.

ITV Ready

2004 Orr Major – classroom, seats 32   (Note: No Food/Drink)

2005C Orr Major – conference room, seats 10 MAX (Note: No Food/Drink)

2008 Orr Major – classroom, seats 50     (Note: No Food/Drink)

G013 SON Auditorium - seats 200

Sudler Auditorium – seats 155

Rieke Auditorium – seats 230

Wahl Hall East - seats 220

Wahl Hall West - seats 140

(Note: Auditoriums require 1-hour setup and 1-hour breakdown for up to four technicians depending on the auditorium. Please call Teaching and Learning Technologies at 8-7326 for more information.)

There is no food or drink allowed in 2004, 2005C & 2008 Orr Major.

Last modified: Jun 15, 2016