Lync, Our Enterprise Instant Messenger

Lync Commands

In addition to sending secure, encrypted instant messages to KUMC colleagues, Lync also provides:

  • Screen sharing: share your monitor, a specific application, or PowerPoint.
  • Video: use your attached camera to participate in a video chat.
  • Availability and status messages tied to your calendar display in Lync, Outlook, and SharePoint. See when a colleague is at his/her desk and available to chat, is away, or in a meeting.
  • Transcripts of your chat sessions are available (and searchable) from within Outlook.

More details

Lync clients were installed on university owned devices in 2013. For older Macs not re-imaged after the summer of 2014, the client is available on myKUMC.

For iOS and Android devices, you can download Lync in your respective app stores.  Note that mobile devices will only connect to the service when they are using the kumc-secure wireless network.

You won't be able to communicate with friends and colleagues using other instant messenger clients (like Yahoo!, AOL, MSN Messenger, iChat, etc.), though eventually you will be able to use Lync to contact users on the KU-Lawrence campus.

Lync UserLync has large placeholders for people's faces, as does Outlook and SharePoint. A future project will involve integrating the university and hospital badge systems into a directory of staff photos.



Last modified: Oct 07, 2014