Password Reset

Below are available methods to reset your KUMC password:

Password resets

Self-service password reset

Forgot your password?  You may reset your password online if you have previously completed a set of challenge questions.
To change your current password, login to our password reset site.
Use this tool to set or reset your challenge questions.

Request password reset in person

Visit the Jayhawk Tech Clinic, 3021 Taylor Hall, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m, Monday through Friday to request a password reset in person. Photo identification is required.

Request password reset by phone to the Jayhawk Tech Clinic

First, call the Jayhawk Tech Clinic at 913-588-7995 to request a password reset. Tech Clinic personnel are able to reset your password only after receiving a copy of your KUMC badge or driver's license. You may provide your photo ID via:

  • email (most efficient method — take a picture of your photo ID with a smartphone, and email it to the email address provided by technician handling your call), or
  • by fax to 913-588-2579 (be sure to call 913-588-7995 first so we are aware that you will be faxing a copy of your photo ID).

See the complete password security policy for more information.

Last modified: Feb 09, 2016