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myKUMC Intranet

News and online services are now delivered to KU Medical Center employees through the myKUMC intranet, the medical center's primary internal communications vehicle. The initial launch of the myKUMC intranet was Monday, June 20, 2016.

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myKUMC has been the institutional portal, providing access to key services, like pay and benefits and single sign-on into a variety of other online tools. The new myKUMC intranet will move internally-focused information from our public website, into a private, secure site that will serve as the campus news hub with all the latest events, initiatives, leadership messages, legislative updates and more, including employee-submitted announcements.

Transitioning to an intranet will take considerable time and effort, and everything won't be moved at once. After June 20, employees can expect to find a number of support area resources and forms, including content for Payroll, Purchasing, Human Resources, Information Resources, Environment, Health and Safety, and the Research Institute. Additional school, department, campus-specific and employee-specific information will be moved from the public site to the intranet through next few years.

Moving to myKUMC will also improve our external website. Removing employee-only information will help it become a more efficient and focused resource for visitors and prospective students.

Below are a few screen shots of the intranet with a few features highlighted:

intranet home
The intranet home features announcements and news that are currently being conveyed via the KUMed Central e newsletter.

intranet tools and services menu

The Tools & Services menu offers direct links to amenities by campus, forms, policies and an index of units that have content migrated into the intranet.

intranet home
The Pay & Benefits page gives you a view into your payroll data, including your five most recent pay advices, absence balances and links to submit absence requests and other self-service functions.

Faculty page
Faculty tools formerly housed in are available under Info for > Faculty.
Faculty assignments will allow access to class photo rosters, faculty grades, the KU Advising Tool and School Photo Rosters.

Students page
Student tools formerly housed in are still available under Info for > Students & Postdocs.
Current enrollment will allow access to courses, holds, student ID, the KU Advising Tool, Registrar Services, and your Student Health Record.

View video recording of the 10 am, June 10th, "Preview and Q&A Session

Logging in

If you use Internet Explorer or Safari and are logged into a computer on campus, you will be automatically logged in. If you use Firefox or Chrome or are logging in from off campus, you will be prompted for your network userid/password. To configure your browser so you don't have to sign in again, visit the Help page linked to from the bottom of every page in myKUMC.

Make Internet Explorer your Default Browser

Follow the steps to make Internet Explorer (IE) your default browser to eliminate an additional login to view links to from email on a computer that's authenticated to the KUMC network.

Your questions or comments are welcome via this feedback form. Thank you.

Last modified: Jun 18, 2020