Contact Information Resources

The Jayhawk Tech Clinic is the first line of contact with issues related to your computer, phone, or any network connectivity issue. Contact the Jayhawk Tech Clinic at 913-588-7995 or online.

To discuss a security concern (a breach, spam, phishing attempt or other) contact the Information Security Hotline, 913-588-3333.

  • Dave Antonacci, Chief Information Officer, 913-588-7144
  • Michelle Holman, Executive Officer of Finance and Administration, 913-588-5074
  • Shannon Hennessy, IR Project Management Office, 913-588-7137
  • John Godfrey, Director of Information Security and Customer Support (Help Desk, PC order process), 913-588-7654
  • Jameson Watkins, Director of Internet Development & Dykes Health Sciences Library, 913-588-7387
  • Phil Wilhauk, Director of Teaching and Learning Technologies, 913-588-7292
  • Steve Selaya, Director of Enterprise IT Architecture (Includes Telecom, Network, Server and Identity/Account Management), 913-588-4835
  • Greg Smith, Director of Administrative Systems, 913-588-4831
Last modified: Nov 10, 2016